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Our Job is to look after you


Our design consultation process is straight forward with the key to communication to bring a successful outcome.


We strive to delivery the best quality products available with a hassle free solution for you, our client.


Prior to our installation we carry out a site inspection, meeting with you so we can address any unforeseen circumstances. This makes for a simple hassle free install of your solar equipment.


With every installation of the systems we supply, we highly recommend a minimal maintenance schedule. Some of the tasks is something you are able to carry out and we encourage a technical overview minimally every 12months. All data and actions are recorded for future reference.


The most crucial of all we are here for continued support of all our systems we supply and any new customers wishing to engage our services for maintenance and service, we are here for you too.

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On Grid Systems

Choose between a coventional central inverter or a step towards new technology witrh AC Micro invetrers

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Off Grid Systems

Remote locations deserve all the benefits of grid connected electricity network customers. Designed for lasting a lifetime* They are more common than you think.

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Grid Hybrid

Connected to the grid but want all the perks of an off grid system, Energy managment is needed to find your ideal solution'

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New technologies

Ecoast Energy is up to date on the latest technologies

Designing systems using the safest batteries globally.

The Aquion Aqueous Hybrid Ion (AHI™) is designed for long duration daily cycles and copes easily with high temperatures, making
it perfect for solar and other renewables.

Aquion Energy Battery Systems deliver a unique combination of performance, safety, and sustainability in a cost-eeffective energy storage system. Free of toxic chemicals and heavy metals, Aquion Energy Battery is fire safe, 100% recyclable and has an operating life of up to 15 years.

  •  serve as the fundamental building blocks for all Aquion Energy systems.
  •  ~2.4 kWh systems at 48V nominal and can be connected in series or parallel for a wide range of system configurations.
  • deliver robust field performance, excellent abuse tolerance, and hassle free operation.

We at ECoast Energy are continually keeping up with all the latest information and regulations so we share our major links with you below.