Wind energy

Another renewable energy source readily available to generate electricity with advancing technology

Designing Systems with a unique vertical dual axis turbines

With the use of a wind turbine the energy in the wind is transformed into mechanical and electrical

energy ready for use at the source.

Wind turbines are an advancing technology with the latest turbines being introduced to Australia this year 2011.

At Ecoast Energy we can design a suitable wind generation system for you, weather for remote area power system or grid connect systems we will install for you to capture this free energy source.

Ecoast energy's designer and installer has accreditation with the clean energy council for small wind systems so your system will be eligible for Renewable energy certificates.

This also includes the current feed-in tariff for you region, we will handle all the paper work for you to benefit this unique opportunity.

The Urban Green Energy range – 200w, 1KW, 4KW, 10KW


Designed to produce energy across a wide range of wind speeds and wind conditions. Vertical axis wind turbines go one step further, harnessing winds from all directions simultaneously. UGE wind turbines are also very quiet, and it certainly helps that our turbines are pleasing to the eye.

UGE has grown to be the world’s leading manufacturer of vertical axis wind turbines through its dedication to design, energy output.

To view Specific information on these turbines our partners UGE have

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Ecoast Energy is Designing Systems with a unique vertical dual axis turbines solar hybrids

An option of the UGE range is the Sanya street lighting solution is in great demand in many locations across the world.

Energy Managment

Off Gid inverter chargers & MPPT Solar/ Wind Controlers processing your energy as you desire

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Battery Storage

24 hour - Renewable Power - The technology which is advancing in new design

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Solar Modules

Quality products sourced locally and globally for ultimate perfromace, styling and robust Australian conditions.

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